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H O U S T O N    T E X A S   M A R I T I M E   L A W Y E R

Maritime Worker Accidents: Federal laws provide compensation for workers who are injured while working offshore, including deck hands, inspectors, maintenance workers, helicopter operators, mud engineers, and contract workers. If you are injured or become ill while in service to a seagoing vessel, you will most likely be entitled to receive maintenance and cure benefits until you recover from your injury or illness.

Maritime Wrongful Death: If you have lost a loved one at sea or in a harbor accident, you may have a legal right of recovery from your loved one's employer or others.

Types of Vessels: Maritime workers are injured on all types of sea vessels, both on shore and off. If you have suffered a personal injury on a ship, tugboat, dredge, oil rig or other maritime conveyance I can help.

Inland Waterways: Maritime law is not limited to oceans, gulfs or bays. If you have been injured in an accident on a river, an inland waterway or other navigable body of water, you may be entitled to substantial compensation under the Jones Act and general maritime law.

Types of Injuries: there are many types of injuries. I have handled cases involving back injuries, neck injuries, arm and leg injuries, brain damage, eye injuries, hearing injuries, burns, heart attacks, death, virtually all types of injuries in the human experience. Whether your injury is large or small, you are entitled to fair compensation.

Foreign Seamen: U.S. maritime law protects the rights of most injured seamen, foreign and domestic. If you have been injured in U.S. waters, I can determine whether American law allows you to recover compensation.

Cargo Inspectors: Important to the shipping process, cargo inspectors are also protected under federal maritime law. Whether you were injured on-shore or off-shore, I can help you understand your options and assist you to maximize your compensation.

Workers' Compensation: Many injured workers believe that they are limited to workers' compensation after their injuries, but that is not necessarily the case. There are other avenues of recovery that provide far greater compensation than workers' compensation. I will take the necessary steps on your behalf to maximize your claim.

Railroad Worker Injury: Railroads have claims agents who are extremely well-trained in the art of investigating the facts of your injury case and slanting the evidence in favor of the railroad. You need a champion on your side to even the odds and point the evidence in the right direction. With extensive experience handling cases under the Federal Employer's Liability Act, or FELA, I will help maximize your monetary recovery.

Commercial and Delivery Truck Accidents:There are many factors to consider when a commercial truck or delivery truck is involved in an accident. I will explore all avenues to make sure you receive a full recovery. I also represents people involved in 18-wheeler accidents as well as truck and car crashes at railroad crossings.

Explosions and Burns: I can assist you in exploring all your options for compensation for injuries associated with explosions and/or serious burns.

U.S. Maritime Law Attorney

Every injured worker faces different challenges. You want a lawyer who will listen to your concerns and help you find solutions. I am personal injury and maritime attorney
Harold Eisenman, and with a national and international admiralty law practice, I help injured workers throughout Texas and across the country and the world with a wide range of concerns.

Over 36 Years of Maritime Law Experience

Jones Act Injury: Under the Jones Act, maritime workers are entitled to full compensation for their injuries. Unlike workers' compensation, your compensation is limited only by the extent of your injury. This includes workers on all types of ships, boats, tugs, dredges and virtually any other type of water conveyance.

Offshore Rig Injury: If you have been injured while working on an offshore rig, you are entitled to full compensation under federal laws known as the Jones Act and the General Maritime Law.

Oil Platform Injury:If you have been injured in an oil platform accident, you are entitled to benefits under the Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. You may also be eligible for what is known as a "third-party" claim if someone other than your employer or a co-worker is responsible for your injury. I have the experience and the expertise to determine whether you have a third-party claim. If so, your right to compensation may be much greater than if you are limited to workers' compensation.

Professional Diving Injury:All Jones Act seamen, which includes divers, are entitled to maintenance and cure. The defendants in these cases have lawyers and powerful investigative tools. It is imperative that you engage someone as soon as possible so the case can be investigated from your standpoint before all the evidence disappears and the witnesses are stacked against you.

Shore-Side Maritime Injury:If you have suffered a back injury, neck injury, broken bones, a burn injury or another injury while loading, unloading, building, and maintaining a ship at harbor, you may be entitled to compensation through a third party case.