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H O U S T O N    T E X A S   M A R I T I M E   L A W Y E R

Maintenance and Cure

Houston Texas Maritime Lawyer Maintenance & Cure

Maintenance and cure is a remedy for people who work on vessels (rigs), boats, ships, barges, tug, etc. If you are injured or become ill in the service of a vessel, at sea or dockside, your employer is responsible for paying you maintenance (a subsistence allowance) and cure (medical expenses) until you reach maximum medical improvement. If your employer is not meeting its obligation to pay your maintenance and cure, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Harold Eisenman P.C., a Houston lawyer with more than 36 years of handling maritime cases. I offer a free consultation to explain your rights.

Your maintenance and cure are supposed to continue until you reach maximum medical improvement-meaning that you either get well or your reach a stable condition that won't improve. However, many employers cut off benefits arbitrarily. If your employer is not paying you the maintenance and cure to which you are entitled, or has stopped payments, I can take the steps necessary to get it reinstated.

In addition to trying to get maintenance and cure payments started again, I can evaluate your case to see if there are any other sources of recovery. Those sources may include:

Compensation under the
Jones Act and General Maritime Law, if you are injured while serving as the crew member of a vessel.

Claims against other parties responsible for your injuries

Consultations are always free.
Contact maritime lawyer, Harold Eisenman P.C.,  to discuss your case. All of the work we do is on contingency. This means Mr. Eisenman advances all costs of preparing your case and only charges a fee (a percentage of the recovery) when the case is successfully concluded. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.