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Foreign Seamen

Houston Attorney Protecting Foreign Seamen on U.S. Water

All seamen deserve compensation after a serious injury suffered in a maritime accident. That compensation is not limited to Americans. Foreign maritime workers are also protected by U.S. federal law. Obtaining fair compensation for foreign workers can be complicated, but an experienced U.S. maritime lawyer can help you get the full extent of benefits you deserve.

I am maritime law attorney
Harold Eisenman, and from my national maritime law practice in Texas, I protect the rights of foreign seamen from around the globe who have been injured in U.S. ports. As a board-certified personal injury trial law lawyer focused on maritime law, I understand the challenges facing foreign seamen, and I know how to protect their rights under U.S. federal law.

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The two most critical parts in any maritime accident are whether the worker in question is hurt and whether or not there was negligence involved in the accident that caused the injury. If a foreign seaman was injured as the result of negligence, the next step is to determine whether or not there is personal jurisdiction over the ship owner here in the United States.

If there is jurisdiction, the worker is protected by U.S. federal maritime law and the Jones Act. However, it is still possible to settle the case, even if there is no jurisdiction. In these cases, I will work with foreign lawyers to come up with a solution based on the laws in the ship's nation of origin.

In almost all cases, there are solutions out there for a foreign seaman injured in an American port. From personal injury cases to wage claims, I help foreign workers from around the globe get fair compensation. If you are being cheated out of your contract wage after a maritime injury suffered on U.S. water, I can help. My firm is prepared to help workers who have suffered a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Offshore Rig Injuries

  • Oil Platform Injuries

  • Diving Injuries

  • Shoreside Maritime Injuries


While my offices are in Houston, I travel worldwide to meet with injured maritime workers. Available weekdays from nine to five, I am ready to schedule a visit with you. Handling all cases on a contingency basis, you will not have to pay a dime in lawyer fees until I get you the full compensation you deserve. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.

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